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For over 25 years, Terra Bella has provided comprehensive real estate property management services with a broad-based knowledge in residential, commercial, high-rise and multi-family properties. Our experience gives us the unique ability to provide a wide range of services from performing a market analysis on the investment property you are considering buying to providing full turn key management of your valuable asset.

Founded in 1991, Terra Bella Management began as a family business rooted in real estate. Over the years as the company’s management team expanded beyond the immediate family so too did our commitment to be most professional provider of real estate services in the U.S

Our Services

Comprehensive Property Management

As an owner, you’ll get the benefit of our nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic. We think you’ll appreciate how thorough we are: From prepping your property and landing the perfect tenant to conducting a meticulous exit inspection after a tenant has vacated the premises, everything is handled professionally–and diplomatically.

Here’s a brief description of some of the services provided before, during and after your tenant has moved in. p>

Preparing a Property

Our in-house certified home inspector inspects your property and notes potential safety hazards or future problems that could adversely impact your property (water heater improperly strapped, inadequate caulking around tub and shower and so on). You’ll receive a detailed report for review.

Market Analysis

We will conduct a comprehensive analysis prior to marketing your property to secure the optimum rental rate with the least amount of days spent vacant.

Rapid-Response Maintenance and Repair

Your tenant will be able to reach a responsible (and responsive) Terra Bella Management employee who’s able to resolve repair issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Preparing a Lease

We will prepare a bulletproof lease agreement that includes all addendums and disclosures required by state and federal law.

Qualifying Prospective Tenants

We’re hardnosed (but in a nice way): We inspect credit reports, rental and employment history, and verify income so you’re not saddled with deadbeats.

Digital Records Prior to Occupancy

A detailed inspection of your property immediately prior to occupancy will document the condition of your property prior to your tenant moving in. We will take before-and-after digital images of the interior and exterior of your property.

Monthly Statements

Rent will be collected on the first of each month. All bills associated with your property will be paid when due. A detailed monthly statement will be sent you with a check. Funds can also be deposited directly into your bank account. A year-end statement will be sent at the end of each calendar year.

Semi-Annual Inspections

Our certified home inspector will inspect your property twice a year: changing or cleaning your furnace and A/C filter, checking smoke detectors and documenting the condition of your property along with any maintenance issues. A detailed written report will be mailed or e-mailed to you. Digital pictures will be included upon request.


Our professional marketing programs will include any or all of the following marketing strategies to get you the best-qualified tenants in the least amount of time:

  • Pictures of your property on our website
  • Ads on rental websites with links to pictures on our website
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS) advertises your property to over 3,000 licensed real estate agent
  • Newspaper advertisements/rental flyers
  • Sign-in yard (if authorized by owner)
  • Experienced leasing agents available evenings, weekends and normal business hours to show your property to prospective tenants

Property Management Includes

  • Comprehensive Property Management Services Under 1 Roof
  • Preparing a Property
  • Market Analysis
  • Rapid-response Maintenance and Repair
  • Preparing a Lease
  • Qualifying Prospective Tenants
  • Digital Records Prior to Occupancy
  • Monthly Statements
  • Semi-annual Inspections
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  • Month to Month Agreements

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